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eEye Zero-Day Tracker:
Your Vulnerability Watchlist 2012

12.28.2012 - Microsoft
Internet Explorer CButton Use-After-Free Vulnerability

12.17.2012 - Adobe
Multiple Vulnerabilities in Adobe Shockwave Player

12.3.2012 - Opera Software ASA
Opera Web Browser 12.11 WriteAV Vulnerability

10.4.2012 - XnSoft
XnView JLS Heap Overflow

10.3.2012 - TurboSoft
TurboFTP Server Buffer Overflow

9.17.2012 - Microsoft
Internet Explorer execCommand Use-After-Free

8.26.2012 - Oracle
Vulnerabilities in Java 7 Allows for Remote Code Execution

7.30.2012 - Huawei
Huawei Routers Multiple Vulnerabilities

6.12.2012 - Microsoft
Vulnerability in Microsoft XML Core Services Could Allow Remote Code Execution

5.18.2012 - Microsoft
Windows XP Keyboard Layouts Pool Corruption Local Privilege Elevation

5.4.2012 - Adobe
Vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player Could Allow Remote Code Execution

5.3.2012 - PHP
PHP Query String Parameter Command Execution

4.30.2012 - McAfee
McAfee Virtual Technician ActiveX Control Remote Code Execution

4.26.2012 - Net-SNMP
Net-SNMP Denial of Service

4.24.2012 - Samsung
Samsung NET-i Viewer Multiple Vulnerabilities

4.20.2012 - Microsoft
Microsoft Visual Studio Linker Vulnerability

4.18.2012 - Oracle
Oracle Database TNS Session Hijack

4.5.2012 - Quest Software (Dell)
Quest vWorkspace "pnllmcli.dll" ActiveX Arbitrary Overwrite Vulnerability

4.5.2012 - Quest Software (Dell)
Quest Toad ActiveX Vulnerability

3.30.2012 - Quest Software (Dell)
Quest InTrust ActiveX Multiple Vulnerabilites

1.12.2012 - McAfee
McAfee SaaS ActiveX "ShowReport()" Command Injection Vulnerability

1.10.2012 - SumatraPDF (Krzysztof Kowalczyk)
SumatraPDF "fz_crash_abort()" Null Byte Write Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

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