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eEye Zero-Day Tracker:
Your Vulnerability Watchlist 2013

11.27.2013 - Microsoft
Microsoft Windows Kernel Privilege Escalation

11.5.2013 - Microsoft
Microsoft Windows GDI+ Remote Code Execution

10.12.2013 - D-Link, Planex
Multiple Routers (D-Link/Planex) Coded Backdoor

9.19.2013 - Apple Inc.
iOS 7 Lock Screen Bypass

8.29.2013 - Infraware
Polaris Viewer DOCX VML Shape Tag Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

8.28.2013 - Apple Inc.
iOS and OS X Unicode Core Text Remote Denial of Service

8.7.2013 - Atlassian
Atlassian Confluence GET Parameter Cross-Site Scripting

7.24.2013 - VideoLAN
VLC Media Player libmodplug Buffer Overflow

7.18.2013 - Oracle
Java Reflection API Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

7.9.2013 - VideoLAN
VLC Media Player MKV Integer Overflow

6.10.2013 - Hewlett-Packard Company
HP System Management Homepage Command Injection Vulnerability

6.5.2013 - Parallels, Inc.
Parallels Plesk Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

5.30.2013 - Monkey HTTP Daemon Development Group
Monkey HTTP Daemon Buffer Overflow

5.22.2013 - Novell
Novell Client Arbitrary Code Execution

5.15.2013 - Microsoft
Windows Kernel Privilege Elevation Vulnerability

5.10.2013 - Novell
Novell Client Local Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability

5.8.2013 - Adobe
Adobe ColdFusion Arbitrary File Read Vulnerability

5.7.2013 - IBM
IBM Notes PNG Integer Overflow

5.6.2013 - Joomla! DJ Classifieds Extension
Joomla! 'se_regs[]' Parameter SQL Injection

5.6.2013 - Belkin
(Belkin) Cisco Linksys E4200 Router Multiple Vulnerabilities

5.3.2013 - Microsoft
Internet Explorer Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

4.26.2013 - Apple
iOS Safari text/plain Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

4.13.2013 - D-Link Corporation
D-Link DIR-865L Cross-Site Request Forgery

4.11.2013 - Microsoft
MS13-036 (KB2823324) Windows Kernel-Mode NTFS Drivers

3.28.2013 - VMware
VMware ESXi and ESX libxml2 Buffer Underflow

3.20.2013 - Microsoft
Internet Explorer 9 Memory Disclosure

3.18.2013 - Oracle
Partial Security Bypass Vulnerability in Java

2.28.2013 - Oracle
Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Java

2.12.2013 - Adobe
Unspecified Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Adobe Reader

1.21.2013 - IBM
IBM WebSphere Application Server Multiple Vulnerabilities

1.20.2013 - Aloaha Software - Wrocklage Intermedia GmbH
Aloaha PDF Saver Insecure File Permissions

1.9.2013 - Cisco Systems, Inc.
Cisco Unified IP Phone System Call Vulnerability

1.7.2013 - Foxit Corporation
Foxit Reader Firefox Plugin Buffer Overflow

8.20.2011 - Adobe, Google (embedded Flash in Chrome)
Adobe Flash Clickjacking Vulnerability

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